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To access the shop, visit your auction portal. The item shop button is located to the left of the "Add Item" button in your auction campaign.

The ZGIVE™ risk-free auction item shop features 150+ best-selling risk-free auction items offered on a consignment basis.

Each item in the shop has a 'cost-to-nonprofit price'.  Payment for the item is only incurred if the item sells at auction. Whatever the items sell beyond the cost-to-nonprofit-price is yours to keep.

Our Risk-Free Item Shop Offers:

  • Jewelry

  • Handbags

  • Authentic Signed Memorabilia

  • Vacations & Travel

  • Private Villas

  • Sports/Music/Movie/TV Memorabilia

  • Original Painted Art

  • More!

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STRIKING AQUAMARINE Cocktail Ring Size 7 (first).png
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