ZGIVE will bill you $399 for the READY-AUCTION™.
Fund-A-Need (Valued at $199) is included in this package offering.
Password is: shopready
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The READY-AUCTION™ Shop features 150+ items across 14 categories. 

Once you complete the intake form,  ZGIVE will give you the password to select your auction items at our READY-AUCTION™ Shop.

NOTE: Plan to select 1 item for every 2 people attending. This ratio is what drives up bidding and maximizes your ability to raise money. 

NOTE: Too many items and not enough participants enables participants to purchase items at the starting bid which provides very little profit for you.


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After you click to submit your items on the shop, ZGIVE will begin programming your portal for completion 1 week before your event. This is a good time to invite your audience to register so they are able to preview items in the auction.


Once your auction portal is programmed and finalized, you are welcome to delete items or add your own items.


To the right are examples of social media graphics to promote your event.

Remember to include:

  • Your logo

  • Your brand colors

  • Campaign QR code

  • Link to register (Post on Facebook)

  • Images of auction items or your organization

  • Date and Time

  • Items you will be featuring is a fantastic platform for creating graphics. By filling out a quick form you can get a free account and create your graphics.


As a nonprofit, you may also apply to get a free Canva Pro account that gives you access to all premium photos and templates. Note that it can take a few weeks to get approval.  

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Below is an email template you can customize and send to your donor base. 



Dear Donor,


You Are Invited to Join Us for a (insert if Silent or Live or both) Virtual Auction Benefiting (Insert your organization).

We so appreciate your past support of our nonprofit! Because of your donations, we have been able to (insert what you have been able to do with donations).


We invite you to join us for our upcoming virtual (insert if silent or live or both) auction on (insert date and time). The proceeds from this event will help (insert how this will help your cause).  And the best part is you can participate in this auction from your mobile device or desktop computer in the comfort of your own home!


How to Participate:


  • Click HERE (insert the link campaign link) to register.


Auction Items Will Include: (insert relevant categories)


  • Jewelry

  • Vacations & Experiences

  • Sign Memorabilia (Sports, Movies, Music)

  • Art

  • Handbags

  • Home Goods

  • MORE!







Please feel free to share this invite with your family and friends.

Thank you again for your support. and we look forward to having you at the auction!


Copy the link below to share the Virtual Auction Tutorial video with your auction participants prior to the event. Send a message with the video link to your participants from your auction portal.

This one-minute video was created for you to share with your auction participants prior to your event.


The video will provide a quick overview of the platform to help participants navigate through the auction on their mobile, IPAD or desktop devices.

(Click on the images below to download docs)

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Are READY-AUCTION™ events profitable for the nonprofit?

Yes! But VERY IMPORTANT, profitability and success directly correlate to the number of participants and audience participation. The typical 40 item auction requires approximately 80-100 participants in order to drive bidding and profitability for your organization. Also, you as the nonprofit must commit to diligently marketing and promoting the event via email, social media, website prior to the event.


How much can we expect to make hosting a READY-AUCTION™?

In a typical READY-AUCTION™ the profit to the nonprofit (based on the sample list of items and quantities shown above), revenue can range between $5000 and $10,000. The net profit is directly impacted by the number of participants bidding and competing to win an item.

The starting bid includes the price of the item, shipping, and a small 10% margin built-in for the nonprofit. 

Remember to ask for donations throughout the event by sending out a text message from your dashboard. Encourage participants to click on the donate button (on the auction screen), or participate in the Fund-A-Need portion.

What is the cost to host a READY-AUCTION™?

The cost for a READY-AUCTION™ is $399. This includes access to the shop and ZGIVE portal programming and vendor management of payment and shipping etc.

How do I add Fund-A-Need?

The cost to add Fund-A-Need is $199 per year.  You may opt to add this feature when you fill out your READY-AUCTION™ intake form.

Who selects the items to be offered in the READY-AUCTION™?


ZGIVE curates best-selling risk-free items for the READY-AUCTION™ Shop, and you select the items in the store that you would like featured for your event.


We have developed exclusive relationships with brands and designers around the world to bring unique offerings to the READY-AUCTION™. Many of the items are exclusive bundles and offerings created for ZGIVE. ​​

Can I add my own items to a READY-AUCTION™?

Yes, you may add your own items to your digital auction by going on your portal and adding those directly to the scheduled event. ZGIVE will program the items for the READY-AUCTION™. You are welcome to delete or add additional items as you like. Please keep the balance of participants to how many items in mind as you make your decision. The best ratio is a 2-1 (2 participants for every 1 item).

​When should I hold a READY-AUCTION™?

The READY-AUCTION™ is a great time-saver so you can focus on promoting and raising money for your cause. It is not only a great digital fundraising solution but also a valuable donor engagement opportunity.  So the answer to that question is - host one whenever you like :)

ZGIVE requires a two-week lead time (from filling out the intake form) in order to program your portal and have it ready one week prior to your event.

​How does a nonprofit pay for risk-free items that are sold at the READY-AUCTION™?


All of the money for your virtual auction will be directly deposited in your bank account. ZGIVE will then charge your nonprofit for the cost of goods to pay the vendors, (nonprofit starting bid includes shipping) using the credit card that is on file.  ZGIVE will also then charge your credit card the 5% performance fee.

Does ZGIVE handle payment of items from buyers?


Yes, our digital auction platform collects all payment and address information upfront during the initial registration process, and ZGIVE facilitates payment to the risk-free partners after the event.


Do ZGIVE or vendors handle the shipping to our buyers? How much does shipping cost?


Yes, ZGIVE and/or our vendors will ship directly to your buyers. ZGIVE includes the shipping cost in the starting bid so there is no additional charge after the fact.

Are READY-AUCTION™ always available?

Yes, the virtual auction is available year-round. Items, however, will vary depending on the season and availability.

How many items should be in a READY-AUCTION™?

The amount of items depends on the amount of participants. The best ratio is 1 item for every 2 people.