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No-cost auction items will help you raise money without having to ask for donations or pay for risk-free items. We have aggregated a list of item offerings to get you started, but your creativity is the limit! :) 

These items are no cost to you (or very minimal) but have value to the auction participant. Price them according to what is appropriate for your audience, but ZGIVE™ recommends a minimum starting bid of $100. 



  • ​Idea 1: Music Teacher for a Day

  • Idea 2: Principal for a Day

  • Idea 3: Bench Naming Rights

  • Idea 4: Free Tutoring/Lessons

  • Idea 5: School Art Projects



  • ​Idea 1: Reserved Parking Spot for a Month

  • Idea 2: Reserved Seating For A Month

  • Idea 3: Parent's Night Out/Free Babysitting

  • Idea 4: Four Free Carwashes (Youth Group)

  • Idea 5: Pastor Takes You Out for Lunch




  • ​Idea 1: Private Tour (Off-Hours)

  • Idea 2: Free Tickets & Gift Certificate at Gift Shop

  • Idea 3: Free Tickets and Lunch at Cafe

  • Idea 4: Shadow A Zookeeper/Curator

  • Idea 5: Free Family Portrait





  • ​Idea 1: Guided Day Out

  • Idea 2: Reserved Parking Spot

  • Idea 3: Shadow Someone for a Day

  • Idea 4: Donated Artwork

  • Idea 5: Virtual Experience (Cooking Lessons, Other)

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