Fine Art

We have a relationship with a trusted Etsy artist who offers beautiful original artwork at better-than-wholesale pricing and free shipping. Her work has been a best-seller for many of our client auctions.

Visit Karen's Etsy store page and select the items you would like to include. Copy the item name, description, and retail cost, take a screenshot/s of the image and add it to your auction portal.

To price your art item, reference the Pricing Your Art Item info at the bottom of this page. 
Once your event ends, visit the Etsy page and order the item directly from the vendor. Make sure to input the buyer's address so the vendor can ship directly to your recipient.

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How To Price Art From Karen 

  • Retail Cost of Item -  Listed on the site  (Our selected Etsy vendors ship free so you do not need to factor this into the cost)

  • Nonprofit Starting Bid - 30% above the Retail Cost, also covers tax

  • Retail Value for Auction: Double the Retail Cost

  • Bid Increment: 10% of the Retail Value for Auction

  • Buy It Now: (if applicable) 2 times the Retail Value for Auction


Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 1.03.21 PM.png

  • Retail Cost of Item -  $150 (no shipping cost)

  • Nonprofit Starting Bid - $195 (30% above the cost, also covers tax)

  • Retail Value for Auction: $360 (Double the retail cost)

  • Bid Increment: $35 (10% of the retail value)

  • Buy It Now: $720 (2 times the Retail Value for Auction)