How do the Risk-Free Vendors Work?

Risk-free vendors provide additional items you can offer during your auction on a consignment basis. Each item comes with a cost-to-nonprofit price and anything sold over this price is yours to keep.

Once you have decided on the vendors you are interested in, reference the provided email templates and the email for that vendor. You will need to connect with the selected vendor well in advance of your event to schedule a time to discuss the auction items that will best suit your needs. The vendor will then send item descriptions, pictures, and everything needed for you to upload the item to your auction.


NOTE: It is important to price your risk-free items appropriately so that you make money on the item. Please reference our pricing guide here.


What happens with risk-free items that don’t sell?

If a risk-free item does not sell, nothing happens and there is no cost to the non-profit. If you requested risk-free items for your in-person event, coordinate with the risk-free provider to have them shipped back, generally at no cost to you.


Who covers shipping risk-free items to auction winners? 

The cost of shipping should be incorporated into the price of an item. Please ask your risk-free provider to provide shipping information for your item.