Auction FAQs:

How many items can I have at my auction?

On the ZGIVE auction platform, you can have unlimited items at your event.


How many participants can I invite to my auction?

You may have unlimited participants.

Can more than one person have access to my portal? Can they get their own username/password?

Yes, multiple people can access and be on the portal simultaneously. However, it is one username and one password. 


The ZGIVE Auction PRO plan is subscription-free, however, are there any additional fees?

ZGIVE charges a 5% Performance Fee that is based on how much you raise at your event. However, our auction platform asks your donor to pay processing fees (85% of donors typically opt-in) so this performance fee can be mostly covered. If you would like to add Fund-A-Need to your auction, the cost is $199 yearly.


What is the difference between the Auction PRO and the Auction PRO+ plan?

The Auction PRO+ plan costs $499 per year and includes all Auction Pro features plus our digital fundraising suite, no minimums, and unlimited Fund-A-Need.


Does the system notify our participants about my event, and if so when and how?

The system default will notify participants via email 30 minutes and again 10 minutes prior to the auction start.


When will the money from the auction be in my account?

If your event ends by 7 pm EST, the money will be in your account the next business day. If later, it will post on the following business day.


When does ZGIVE take out the 5% Performance Fee?

ZGIVE will send you a receipt notification of the 5% Performance Fee that will be removed from your account. This will be automatically deducted within 48 hours after the close of your event.

Where should I promote or market my event?

You should promote your event on all of your giving channels (website, landing page, social media, email, etc) in order to maximize exposure.