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Fund-A-Need is an opportunity for you to ask your auction participants to donate to a specific cause, need or purpose during your event.

Only 40% of auction participants win an item. Fund-A-Need will help you fundraise with the other 60%.

Fund-A-Need typically raises thousands of dollars, even at the smallest auction events. In fact, at ZGIVE™ we see that auctions with Fund-A-Need raise 30% more revenue than those who do not use this feature. It is safe to say, that Fund-A-Need is a critical element to the success of your auction fundraiser.

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On the ZGIVE™ platform, auction participants see a blue button that spins to attract attention to the fund-a-need ask. When the blue button is clicked, users can donate the amount on your giving tiers or give a custom amount.

It is easy to program Fund-A-Need tiers on your auction portal. It is also easy to activate or deactivate tiers throughout your event.


  • Identify your cause or specific need/s

  • Determine the donation amount for each tier & how many donations you would like for each tier

  • Decide when you will feature each tier during your auction event

  • Program the tiers on your portal

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Benefits of Fund-A-Need

Raise More Money


Fund-a-need is truly the X factor for any auction. Activating this feature can easily double or even triple the revenue you generate at your event.

Engage Your Audience


Asking participants to fill a specific need engages them and keeps your mission top of mind - which in turn incentivizes participants to give and bid for items.

Reduce # of Auction Items


ZGIVE™ makes it easy to add donated items or add risk-free items. However, fund-a-need reduces the number of items you actually need to generate revenue at your event..

Unlimited Fund-A-Need is included in the PRO+ and ELITE plans. PRO customers may add Fund-A-Need for $199 per event.

To add Fund-A-Need to your plan, please email

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