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How much does the ZGIVE digital fundraising platform cost?

The digital fundraising suite is included in the Auction PRO+ and Auction ELITE packages. 


Do I need to email my donors a receipt at the end of the year?

No. ZGIVE automatically generates an aggregated receipt in January and emails that to the client. However, if a client changed emails or can’t find the receipt, you will easily be able to resend it via your portal in minutes.

What if a donor wants to cancel a recurring donation?

Invite your donor to go to and click on the User Portal in the main navigation. This will take the donor to a screen where they can log in using their email. Once the donor is in the portal they can make changes to their giving frequency or update their credit card information. 


Can I upload numbers and send texts to my existing donor base?

The portal offers the ability to upload existing phone numbers. Please note that the system will have you acknowledge that you have permission to text the numbers from your donor database.


How will my donors know about the option to text a donation – where will they see the 800# and keyword?

You can creatively let your donor base know how to text your unique keyword to your toll-free number in a number of ways, including signage at events, postcards, on your appeal letters, newsletters, social media, and website. 


Can I use ZGIVE in the video content I am filming for a virtual event?

Absolutely, pre-recorded video and live streaming events are a great place to have donors give via your ZGIVE online donate button, text-to-give, and showing a QR Code to donate.


How do I use ZGIVE for email communication?

Our platform is not designed to email your donor base, but since we capture everyone’s email address who donates, you can simply download the list and email through a 3rd-party vendor, such as MailChimp or Constant Contact.


Should I change my “Donate” button link on my website to a ZGIVE link?

Yes, we highly recommend that you connect your ZGIVE campaign link to your donate button not only to enjoy all of the benefits of the ZGIVE back-end portal including campaign creation, management, and reporting but also to provide a consistent brand experience for all of your donors. Additionally, using ZGIVE on your online donation button will further augment your fundraising efforts year-round.

Can I create individual campaigns for board members?

Yes, you can create individual campaigns for each board member, so each member will have their own keyword for text giving and their own QR Code, and a giving link to email their contacts. This method will also give you the ability to easily track the total funds raised by each board member


Is my donor’s private information shared?

No, your donor information is not shared and is securely stored serves with state-of-the-art security and encryption protocols. Also, we do not store sensitive donor information, such as credit card information.


How much of our donations will ZGIVE keep?

None. ZGIVE does not keep any of the donation monies. The processing fee for each donation is 2.75% plus 25 cents per transaction. However, we have found that about 85% of the time, your donor will pay the processing fees, so you get to keep 100% of the donation.


How soon will donations be deposited into my account?

All donations processed by 6 pm EST will be deposited into your account the following business day


How do I upload mobile phone number contacts to the client portal? I understand I need to use a CSV file with a specific format?

To upload contacts to your client portal you will need your content in a CSV file. In the 'upload numbers' section on the portal, you can click to save a sample CSV format to your desktop for reference.


I’m not a ‘typical’ non-profit – will ZGIVE work for me?

We require that you have the 501 (c)(3) or 501 (c)(4) verification

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