Day Before Auction Walkthrough FAQs & Reminders:


How do I refund a donation mistake?

You can refund or charge a different credit card via your CloverConnect merchant portal. Call CloverConnect Support at 877-828-0720. (PLEASE NOTE: CloverConnect refers to you as a “merchant”)​Please have your MID ready

Can I customize the auction link?

No, not at this time. However, our platform is designed to be customized to your brand to give the look and feel of your organization. 

How do I use SMS during my event?

Once a donor is registered for your auction, you now have the ability to send them 1000 free SMS messages through the ZGIVE platform. We suggest sending messages before your auction starts, during your auction, and after your auction concludes to keep engaged with your donors. 

Will ZGIVE send out reminders that my auction has started?

Yes, ZGIVE sends out an email 30 minutes and 10 minutes prior to your auction start time.

Can I automate SMS messages or pre-schedule?

No, not at this time. However, a best practice is to keep a word or notes doc open with your SMS messages written out so that you can cut and paste.

When I send an SMS is it to individuals or group?

When you send an SMS through the ZGIVE platform it will be sent out to everyone who has registered for your auction. You are not able to send out text messages individually 

Can donors opt-out of receiving SMS messages? Can I see who has opted out?

Yes, donors can opt out of receiving SMS messages. You are not able to view or download a report of who has opted out as it has to do with the donor’s phone provider. 

Can donors preview auction items or register without putting in a credit card?

Currently, the donor is required to put in a credit card in order to view auction items. However, we have an update coming out in February that will not require a credit card to view auction items or register for your auction. If a donor wants to bid on an item or contribute a direct donation, we will require a credit card. 

Can we change the bid price during the auction?

Yes, go into the ZGIVE platform and edit the item bid price.

Can we change the start time/end time of the auction?

Yes, however, you cannot change the start/end time once the auction starts or ends. For example, if your auction is set to start at 10:00 am, you cannot extend the start time after the auction has started. 

**Please note – If you create an auction and the start/end time passes, you cannot simply change the times. Even if you did not market your auction event, you will need to delete the auction and create a new one.


What are the dimensions for the auction item images?

The dimension for the cover image is 768X112. You can find the dimensions by hovering over the “circled i” button when creating your auction. Your auction item images are automatically sized and work best with square and jpeg images. Visit the Client Resources site and click Images in the navigation. We have collected a variety of pre-sized images for you in a range of categories.

Can I have multiple images for items?

Yes, we suggest keeping it 3-4 images.

Is there a way to copy an item from a previous auction?

No, not at this time. 

What should the buy it now amount be?

The Buy-It-Now cannot be the same amount as the starting bid – the Buy-It-Now option should be double the estimated value of the item. 

Do you have best practices for how many items I should have in my auction?

Here is a downloadable infographic that addresses that question.

Can I add additional items throughout my auction?

Yes. And dependent upon your donor’s notification preferences, ZGIVE will also automatically send them an email notifying them of new items that have been added.

Where can I see who has registered for my auction?

You can view the participants who have registered for your auction under the “Edit Contacts” section in your auction dashboard. 

Does the item value show up on my auction item?

No, the item's retail value does not appear in your auction. However, if you want this viewable to your participants then you can add the value in your item description. 

Can donors register for my event even after it’s started?

Yes, donors can pre-register for your event as well as register while your event is running.

Can I take pictures of items with my phone?

Yes, the new phones have great cameras. Make sure to have a blank or white background so that your items are viewable and pop.

Can I do a test auction?

Yes, however, make sure not to bid on any items or there will be a 5% performance fee. 

Can participants search for an item?

Yes, at the top of the list of items there is a search bar where donors can search for specific items or keywords.

Can I have categories for items? Are the categories preset?

Yes, you are able to set up categories for the Silent Auction portion of your event only. They are not pre-set, you can create custom categories. 

What is the difference between live and silent auction?

A silent auction is where participants can bid on multiple items at a time, you also set start and end times for the silent auction. A live auction is one item at a time, participants can view what is coming up next, but they can only bid on the current item up. 

Can I have an Auctioneer with my live Auction?

Yes. We have an auctioneer mode that you can turn on in your dashboard which gives the auctioneer complete control over the auction. They will be able to discuss the item, see who is bidding, and move on to the next item when they are ready. This can be done for virtual or in-person auctions. If you do not have an auctioneer, the system includes a timer that you can program for your live auction items. 

I’ve registered for the auction, why does it ask for my credit card again?

We will ask for a credit card again when making a direct donation. Donors like this option as sometimes they want to use a different card for bidding than for making a direct donation. 

What is the processing fee?

Our payment processing company is CloverConnect. Their processing fee is 2.75% plus .25 cents per transaction. However, when a donor inputs their credit card information, we have a compelling message that asks if the donor will opt in to pay this fee so that 100% of the donation can go to the nonprofit. 

If the participant doesn’t cover the processing fee, who does?

The non-profit covers the processing fee if the donor does not opt in to pay. 85% of donors will opt-in to pay the processing fee.

Why does the banner image I uploaded look different on my computer versus my phone?

 Images may appear different on different devices, depending on the type of image used. Stock images work best with the ZGIVE platform.

How does the donor cancel their recurring donation? How does the donor update their credit card?

The donor has their own portal where they can cancel or modify recurring donations and update their credit card information. The donor will go to > click “User Portal” > select “Donor” and then input their email address. They will then be sent a link that will take them into their donor portal to make any necessary changes. 

How do I pull campaign stats?

You can download your campaign stats at the conclusion of your auction by clicking the “Campaign Stats” button in your auction portal.

How do I see what is happening within my auction in live time?

To view what is currently happening within your auction click the “Dashboard” button in your auction portal.

Will I have support during our auction? Whom do I contact?

Yes. If something goes wrong with the technology during your event, contact our tech support by texting: (720) 660-4219. Please include your first and last name, organization name, and 1-2 sentences on the issue you are experiencing.

Please note that nontech issue-related questions during your event will incur an after-hours fee of $79 per inquiry.