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ZGIVE is proud to partner with CHRISTAL COUTURE.

Every handbag in the collection is truly a LUXURIOUS & EXQUISITE HEIRLOOM TREASURE! Your donors will enjoy the sensational sparkle of this posh purse adorned with Swarovski crystal elements.

Each handbag is covered with 1000's of crystals on both sides which will forever hold their luster.
Bags are inspired by Royalty, Celebrities, 1st Ladies, Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, etc.

The items in this collection are priced very favorably for nonprofits. Each bag is priced at wholesale for $175 and the retail value is $1200.

ZGIVE recommends that nonprofits start the bidding at 50% of the retail value. 
This way you are ensured to make money on the item, even if it only sells at the starting bid. For more information on pricing items, CLICK HERE

To add risk-free Swaroski handbags to your auction, please email Christy by clicking the link below.

Request Auction Items from Christal Couture
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Sample Items
Email: christy@giftsthatgiveback.us to add items from the CHRISTAL COUTURE collection to your auction..

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