SPA GIFT BASKETS (Etsy Provider)
By MyZeroWasteFamStore

Gift baskets are popular items to feature at auctions to help round out your auction offerings. However, there are currently no "risk-free" gift basket vendors.
ZGIVE has identified as a trusted ESTY spa gift basket provider. Follow the directions below on how to use these gift baskets at your auction. 

PLEASE NOTE: MyZeroWasteFamStore is NOT a risk-free vendor. They are a quality retail gift basket distributor ZGIVE recommends to our clients.

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  • Click on the website link: Identify a gift basket you would like to feature. Copy the item name, and description, take a screenshot/s of the image and add it to your auction portal. Notate the retail pricing in order to price for your auction. ​Copy the link to the basket so you can easily go back and purchase it after your auction ends.


  • To price your gift basket, reference the 'Pricing Your Gift Basket' info at the bottom of this page


  • Once your event ends, go directly to and order the gift basket from the website. Make sure to input the buyer's address so the vendor can ship the basket directly to your recipient.


Sample Gallery
Visit to view their entire gift basket collection.


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How To Price A Gift Basket From MyZeroWasteFamStore

  • Cost of Item: Listed on the site. Shipping is free.  

  • Nonprofit Starting Bid: Double the listed retail price


  • Auction Retail Value: 2 1/2 times the Nonprofit Starting Bid

  • Bid Increment: 10% of the Auction Retail Value 

  • Buy It Now: (if applicable) 2-3 times the Auction Retail Value.

Relaxing Lavender Organic Spa Set

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  • Cost of Item -  $44.99


  • Shipping: $0 

  • Nonprofit Starting Bid - $89 This is double the listed item cost to ensure profit even if the item sells at starting bid.

  • Auction Retail Value: $170. Double the price of the nonprofit starting cost. 

  • Bid Increment: $17 (approx. 10% of the Auction Retail Value)


  • Buy It Now Price: 2-3 times the Auction Retail Value

This All Natural and Organic Gift Set makes it so easy to send a beautiful, handmade gift to your loved one! Let them immerse themselves in a luxurious, stress-relieving, renewing experience.

-2 (two) Bath Bombs with relaxing Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, and Organic Lavender Essential Oil
- 1 (one) Handmade Organic Soy Candle with Organic Lavender Essential oil ( 8 Oz)
- 1 (one) Organic bath soak included organic raw Dead Sea salts, organic Himalayan Pink Salts, Epsom salts, organic lavender buds, and Essential oils
- 1 (one) piece of handmade Lavender Soap bar with organic ingredients.
- 1 (one) piece wooden scoop for bath salts