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Here's the guide for setting up your new account

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First of all, we want to THANK YOU for joining ZGIVE. We're really excited to have you in our community!

We created a series of short videos to provide you with the steps and information you need to successfully use the ZGIVE platform.  Scroll down to see the onboarding steps and on-demand tutorial videos and FAQs.  Once you have watched the onboarding videos, return to the main navigation and check out all the resources under Auction-On-Demand.  And remember, if you have additional questions, please email

Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you and your nonprofit!


Learn How to Get Set Up On Your Portal

The first step is to get set up on your portal. In order to log in, you will need your ZGIVE credentials.


Watch this video to get an overview of your auction portal and learn how to set up your organization's settings.

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Learn How To Create An Auction

The second step is to learn how to create an auction. Watch this video to learn how to create new auction events, add auction items, send text messages from your portal, and use digital registration tools for marketing. 

This video will also provide an overview of Fund-A-Need and the auction dashboard.

Download: Create a Digital Auction in 5 Easy Steps

Download this easy reference e-guide to get step-by-step directions for creating your auction. Great to have on your desktop for easy reference.

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Learn How to Create a Giving & Marketing Campaign
(Auction PRO+ & Auction ELITE)

For Auction PRO+ and Auction ELITE customers, watch this video to learn how to create unlimited digital giving and marketing campaigns. 

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Learn How To Set Up

Fund-A-Need is an important component for raising money at your auction event. Watch this video to learn how to program Fund-A-Need on your auction portal.

Fund-A-Need is included with the Auction PRO+ and Auction Elite plans, and may be added to the Auction PRO plan for $199 per event.

Download the Fund-A-Need PDF here

Tour the Auction Portal Dashboard


Your auction dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your auction event. Watch this short video to get a tour of the dashboard offerings.

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Learn About The

The Z-RESOURCES site provides useful information to help you be successful in your auciton and digital fundraising endevours. 

Watch this video to learn about what this site has to offer including our portfolio of risk-free item providers, best practices, item pricing guides, marketing templates and more!

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Learn How to Manage Your Clover Connect Merchant Account


Clover Connect is ZGIVE's payment processing partner who handles transfer of donations and auction revenue to your bank. 

The first video will help you learn how to manage your merchant account.


The second video is for your donors. This video provides directions for managing thier donor portal including how to update thier credit card (for monthly givers) and more.  We also provide a downloadable inforgraphic for quick reference.

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Learn About The Z-REFER Club - Earn Free Gift Baskets for Your Auction

Would you like to earn free gift baskets for your silent auction? All you need to do is send an intro email to other nonprofit organization that you know. 

Watch this video to learn more!

Learn About The Auction Participant Tutorial Video


This short 1-minute video is designed for your auction participants and will help them successfully participate in your auction event.

A few days prior to your event, send this link to your participants via email or through your auction portal SMS.  

Video link:

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In an effort to save time and energy, we’ve compiled FAQ's based on the most common questions that we’ve come across.  Download the PDF by clicking on the images below.
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For questions, please email


While most questions will be answered almost immediately, please allow up to 24 hours for a personalized response.

Visit our Client Support page to learn about our client support offerings.