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Email Header: Vendor Information Request Form For Donated Item

Body of Email:

Hello (vendor name),


My name is _____, and my organization name is _________. Thank you for supplying (insert item names) for our upcoming auction fundraiser coming up on (insert date and time).


I am using a digital auction platform for our (virtual, hybrid, in-person) auction, and therefore will need the following information for each auction item:

  • 2-4 jpeg images of the item

  • The exact name of the item

  • The retail price of the item

  • The wholesale cost  (which will be your starting bid)

  • A full item description


As this is an in-person event, we would like to feature the physical item at the event as well as digitally on the auction platform. Are you able to send the item directly to me at (insert address) by (insert date)? Also, will there be a charge for shipping?

Thank you for providing this information. We are excited to feature your product at our auction!


Your full name
Organization name

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